Toxin Free Cleaning was created after extensive research about health and lifestyle changes. There are hundreds if not thousands of studies that show a direct correlation between the air quality, toxic exposure from products, and cases of terminal illness. We spend up to 90% of our life indoors; more than ever in history, but our air quality at home is 5 times more polluted than outdoor air.
Some of the products used to clean contain toxins liked to causing serious damage to your health. When using aerosols and spraying cleaning chemicals some toxin particles can become airborne and get to the lungs. You can also be aspirating harmful chemicals that have been applied on surfaces and not washed off. Another way of getting pollutants inside your body is if you don’t wear protection when using regular cleaning products to wipe a kitchen counter, clean bathrooms, wash dishes, mop floors etc. When any product comes in contact with your skin, within 20 seconds it is circulating your bloodstream.
In both instances, whether aspirating the pollutants or coming in contact with dangerous additives, you can be exposing yourself to life threatening chemicals.

Toxin Free Cleaning is a subsidiary eco-friendly cleaning brand of A Helping Hand Services

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A Helping Hand Services specialized brands provide a wide variety of professional cleaning support with a holistic and better approach. We can assist with the cleaning needs of your home and office. We cater to the customer that prefers conventional products as well as to the green minded client that wants eco-friendly and chemical free products.

Our Toxin Free Cleaning achieves same or better results than our traditional cleaning methodologies. We pay special attention to the individual needs of each customer and their families. We show respect, dedication and a very genuine passion for care.

In addition to the customary deep cleaning and Spring cleaning packages the agency offers specialty cleaning protocols like Allergy Abatement Cleaning and asthma remediation. We are proud to call ourselves the only members of the Environmental Remediation Service Association and allergy abatement specialist in the area. Our professional air purification treatment will eradicate all airborne allergens in a 3 to 4 hours application of natural Ozone.

OZONE RIGHT #24 logo  10-14-14Our Ozone Right protocol, is a chemical free, natural remedy for odor removal, elimination of VOC’s, fungi, mold, spores, virus, germs, bacteria , dust mites and airborne allergens from your home and business. Indoor air can be 2 to 5 times more polluted than the outdoors. Our certified technicians can disinfect your indoors with commercial applications of High Concentration Ozone Shock Treatments. We can completely clean the air in only a few hours and at a fraction of a cost of other commonly used methods. Our commercial ozone applications can purify your indoor air and even kill insects and bugs without the use of harmful chemicals. We can accommodate treatment for a whole house, office and commercial spaces, as well as requests for single rooms and any particular area of interest.

Our High Concentration Ozone Shock Treatments will remove the most penetrating odors and all threats from allergens, pathogens, pollutants  and bio-aerosols, among others. By neutralizing all airborne particles and improving the quality of indoor air, your health will most likely improve as well.
Ozone is a natural form of oxygen and leaves no residue. Commercial applications of Ozone treatments are at least 100 times stronger than domestic ozone purifiers, and can reach high concentration levels that will kill pollutants and pathogens that residential units cannot achieve.
Our services are always consistent and reliable, not to mention easy to set up. The agency believes that good service means regular inspections as well as maintaining good relationships with customers. We can assist you whether you need a one-time visit or an ongoing maintenance program. We help homes and a variety of locales like office, store, restaurant, condominium and apartment rental buildings, janitorial, Real State open house, staging, move in and move out, to name a few.


We are a small business, woman and minority owned.
With headquarters in Libertyville, IL, A Helping Hand Services is member of the local GLMV Chamber of commerce and supports our community and the neighboring suburbs.

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